Oral Health Benefits of Braces for Children


Marietta GA Orthodontists for ChildrenYour daughter’s bottom front teeth came in a little crooked. You hoped that when she stopped using her thumb to self soothe, her permanent teeth would come in straight.

Unfortunately, the dentist says there’s not enough room in her mouth for the rest of her teeth to erupt. He wants to use a device to expand her jaw. But you have your doubts: People lived for thousands of years without this type of intervention, didn’t they? Why are braces such a big thing these days? Is it more of an elective procedure?

Historically, Dentistry and Orthodontic Care Wasn’t Always Accessible

It is true that our ancestors lived without the kind of dental and orthodontic treatments that we have available. But they also had more painful conditions and fewer teeth by the end of their shorter lives. (more…)