Surviving Halloween With Braces

Halloween CandyIt’s Halloween! All you want to do is enjoy a scary movie, visit a good haunted house, and eat some CANDY!  However, when you’re in braces, the effects candy can have on your teeth are as frightening as being crossed by a black cat on Halloween.

Yes, you can still participate in trick or treating, and you can still relish in a good sugar high – BUT – we urge you to please take some precautions. (more…)

Embracing Your Braces


Young Lady Wearing Braces Marietta GA Teens and younger kids can be a little nervous about wearing braces. They might feel concern about the appliances being uncomfortable and hurting their gums and cheeks, but more often any worry is over how they will look with braces.

While there are plenty of options for “invisible” orthodontic options, not all dental plans will pay for treatment equally, and traditional metal braces typically end up being the most cost-effective option for the family.

Fortunately, there are ways for your child to personalize his braces and make them fun! (more…)

School, Scheduling, and Braces


Your child got braces this summer, shortly after the school year ended. It’s been an easy transition for her, since the schedule is more relaxed, but as back to school looms closer you wonder how the frequent appointments will work with her school and extracurricular schedule.

Here are three tips to stay on schedule:

    • Plan your checkup in advance! Every five to ten weeks, your child will be scheduled for a checkup to make sure the braces fit well and are doing their job.  While we can’t schedule all the appointments for after school hours, we try to make sure a minimal amount of school time is lost.


Three Ortho Emergencies to Watch For In Your Child or Teen!


Teen Girl Wearing Braces Marietta GABraces are a big investment in your child’s well-being, one you try to help him take care of. But what if something goes wrong?

There aren’t too many big emergencies with braces, but there are some situations to watch for. These are the top three orthodontic emergencies we often see in our Marietta practice.

Broken Wires

No matter how hard you try to care for your braces, a wire has the potential to break or come loose. The result is a piece of wire that rubs your cheek or gums. Though it may cause a slight scratch in the tissue, the problem is easily remedied with a small piece of wax rolled and molded over the wire. (more…)

Invisalign Works for Teens Too!


Teenage Patient at East Cobb Orthodontics in Marietta GAYour daughter had stage one orthodontics to expand her jaw and make room for the permanent teeth. She didn’t like it; you had trouble with regular brushing during the course of treatment. She complained that brushing hurt and the issue brought more parenting struggles and arguments than you anticipated.

Eventually, though, the treatment ran its course, her baby teeth fell out, and all her permanent teeth came in with enough room. The last time you took her for her cleaning, the dentist delivered the news: it’s time for a final set of braces to fine tune her bite and alignment. (more…)

Stage One Orthodontics and Your Child


As a child grows past infancy and toddlerhood, the jaw should begin to expand to allow the permanent teeth to grow in. But sometimes, the teeth begin to come in crowded or the jaw simply does not open up in the correct amount of time.

Your dentist may recommend stage one or “interceptive” orthodontics. If you decide on the treatment, here are some things you can expect:

They’re Not Full Braces

Full braces are only indicated for mouths that have all the permanent teeth. Early orthodontic treatment is usually for children between 6-8 years old, who still have some baby teeth. Brackets will not be stable on teeth that are about to be pushed out!

A Beginners Guide to Brushing with Braces


Marietta GA OrthodontistAs you walk out of East Cobb Orthodontics, a weary teenager with brand new braces straggles along next to you. His mouth is sore; soft foods are on the menu tonight. He’s had trouble brushing well his entire life, and you’re concerned about how well he’ll keep his teeth clean with the braces. But he needs them to correct a terrible overbite and some crooked teeth, too.

You and he both need some tips to keep his smile healthy during  orthodontic treatment.

Here’s how to get started: (more…)

Oral Health Benefits of Braces for Children


Marietta GA Orthodontists for ChildrenYour daughter’s bottom front teeth came in a little crooked. You hoped that when she stopped using her thumb to self soothe, her permanent teeth would come in straight.

Unfortunately, the dentist says there’s not enough room in her mouth for the rest of her teeth to erupt. He wants to use a device to expand her jaw. But you have your doubts: People lived for thousands of years without this type of intervention, didn’t they? Why are braces such a big thing these days? Is it more of an elective procedure?

Historically, Dentistry and Orthodontic Care Wasn’t Always Accessible

It is true that our ancestors lived without the kind of dental and orthodontic treatments that we have available. But they also had more painful conditions and fewer teeth by the end of their shorter lives. (more…)

Can I Get Braces if I Already Have a Dental Crown?


Marietta GA Invisible BracesBoth restorative dentistry (like dental crowns) and orthodontic treatment (like braces) are common procedures. So there’s a good chance that you or a family member will need both at some point in your lifetime.

Fortunately, you can get braces if you have a dental crown.

Here’s what you should know about dental crowns and braces in Marietta.

There may be some cosmetic damage.

Pressure from braces or even leftover cement can cause a little scratching on a dental crown. This isn’t noticeable if the crowned tooth is in the back of your smile. But fixing the damage is often as simple as a little polishing. Braces shouldn’t damage a crown so much that it has to be replaced. (more…)

A Clean Mouth is a Healthy Mouth


Marietta GA Orthodontic Treatments for TeensWhen you got your braces on, our Marietta orthodontist explained the proper care of your new smile and all the ways to clean around the appliances in your mouth.

You probably know that gum disease is one of the greatest threats to braces wearers and that you should be brushing after eating anything. You might even have a toothbrush and toothpaste in your handbag, backpack, or tote.  But cleaning up after eating is only one way to keep your mouth clean with braces on.

Have you thought about which foods might be extra harmful to your teeth while you’re wearing braces? (more…)