You Can Afford Braces!

East Cobb BracesBraces might seem like a cosmetic luxury that you feel you could never afford. But the fact is that no two cases are alike. Just because so-and-so paid this much for braces doesn’t mean that you’ll have to!
If you’ve ever been curious about having straighter teeth, then you’ll find the following information very helpful.
How Braces Can Save You Money
The benefits of having a straight smile go beyond appearances, alone.
Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean! They aren’t as prone to trapping harmful bacteria in hard to reach places. Even flossing is less of a chore. You could actually minimize your risk for gum disease and cavities by having orthodontic treatment.
And when you prevent oral diseases, you can avoid the cost of treating them!
Maximize Insurance Benefits
You might be surprised to learn about the provision your insurance makes for braces. Braces aren’t just for kids! If you’ve never investigated before, it could be worth the effort now. At East Cobb Orthodontics, we’ll help you to get the most of the benefits your insurance provides.
Flexible Financing and Payment
Lastly, we want to make essential orthodontic treatment readily available to as many as possible. That’s why financing provisions and payment plans exist. You can always find a way to get the treatment you deserve with a convenient way to pay!
You just might be surprised at how easily you could fit braces into your life. With some careful planning, a straighter smile doesn’t have to drown you in debt! An orthodontic examination will help you get an idea of what your treatment could cost. Contact us today at East Cobb Orthodontics to schedule your consultation.

Post on behalf of Dr. John Iaculli, East Cobb Orthodontics
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