PROPEL® Orthodontic Treatment

Marietta GA Orthodontist for PropelAt East Cobb Orthodontics, we make sure our patients have access to the latest technology in orthodontic treatments. In doing so, we proudly offer the PROPEL® System. This revolutionary technology stimulates bone remodeling and allows the teeth to move faster and more predictably. Our experienced orthodontists, Dr. Iaculli and Dr. Capps, understand the value in providing the most effective orthodontic treatments available in the least amount of time possible. Adopting the PROPEL® technology in our practice allows us to provide exactly that. Learn how you can get a straighter smile in fewer office visits with PROPEL®.

PROPEL® Dramatically Accelerates Treatment

In just minutes, our orthodontists can implement an easy three-step procedure to accelerate your braces treatment. PROPEL® works using your own biology to stimulate the bone surrounding your teeth. This procedure, called Alveocentesis™ is used to make other orthodontic treatments more effective. It stimulates the production of alveolar bone in the upper and lower jaw. As your teeth shift into alignment, the bone that holds the teeth in place is better equipped to adjust to shifting teeth. At East Cobb Orthodontics, we can combine The PROPEL® System with your current orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign® and traditional braces, to help your teeth move up to 60% faster. Rest assured that PROPEL® Orthodontics uses painless devices and procedures to help you achieve a perfect smile faster than ever before.

The PROPEL® System is especially beneficial for adults who tend to have less bone development, slower healing and a lengthier time frame for shifting teeth. With PROPEL®, adults can confidently undergo orthodontic treatment with faster healing and faster results. For both adults and teens, PROPEL Orthodontics offers significant benefits, including:

  • Shift teeth faster
  • Heal tissues faster
  • Stimulate jaw bone development
  • Enhance the process and results of orthodontic treatments

To learn how PROPEL® can accelerate your smile straightening treatment, contact East Cobb Orthodontics today. We are happy to tell you more about this innovative technology and how it can benefit you.