Insignia – Indirect Bonding

Marietta GA Orthodontist Offering Insignia Indirect BondingIf you have elected to undergo orthodontic treatment, it is important that you get the most precise, predictable results available. Dr. John Iaculli uses the Insignia System to accomplish these goals and give patients a customizable and highly effective orthodontic treatment option. Dr. Iaculli is a highly skilled and talented orthodontist who uses the latest technology and technique to treat both children and adults in a comfortable environment. At East Cobb Orthodontics, we understand the importance of a straighter smile. Not only can we enhance the appearance of your smile, but our services can also improve its function as well. If you are interested in learning about the Insignia, Indirect Bonding System to improve your orthodontic treatment time and results, contact Dr. Iaculli today.

Insignia works by using patient-specific brackets, indirect bonding transfer devices, and customized wires to decreases a patient’s treatment and chair side time. Insignia ensures that your smile correction treatment is more predictable, accurate, and efficient than ever before.

At East Cobb Orthodontics, we realize that no two smiles are the same. By using Insignia, Dr. Iaculli can create a very precise treatment plan that is customized to address your specific concerns. Insignia is used to custom-manufacturer your braces, which means that every bracket and wire is designed, positioned and adjusted to meet the needs of your unique dental anatomy. Furthermore, by utilizing Insignia Indirect Bonding technology, Dr. Iaculli can often diagnose underlying problems much sooner. Patients love the faster and more efficient treatment time with Insignia, which can produce results in up to 25% less time than other traditional options.

For a braces option that is 100% customized to fit your unique smile, choose Insignia from East Cobb Orthodontics. Contact us for your smile consultation appointment with Dr. Iaculli and discover if you are a candidate for Insignia today. Our office proudly offers many flexible financing plans and payment options for your convenience. If you have orthodontic insurance coverage, we will gladly help you maximize your benefits. East Cobb Orthodontics is passionate about creating brilliant smiles for a brighter tomorrow!