What Halloween Candy Can Your Child Eat with Braces?


Halloween CandyMarietta, Georgia children who are in braces don’t have to avoid trick or treating because they shouldn’t be eating candy.  In fact, Halloween is a great “cheat” day from them to get their fill of sweets and naughty treats. To ensure that your child consumes goodies without compromising or damaging their braces, follow these guidelines:

Candy Your Child Can Eat with Braces

Soft and easy to chew treats are the safest for braces.  For example, children with braces can have:

  • Chocolate (without nuts) like Hershey’s, or Mounds
  • Pixy sticks or Fun Dip
  • Soft cookies or brownies
  • Peppermint patties
  • Lollipops and hard candy are okay only if you suck on them and not bite into them

What Candy To AVOID with Braces

Children with braces should avoid crunchy sweets because they can cause braces to break or pop-off.  Sticky candy should also be avoided because it gets caught in braces and is nearly impossible to clean off. It’s best to avoid:

  • Caramel, Taffy, Gummies, Skittles, Starbursts, Twizzlers
  • Peanut Brittle
  • Candy Corn

Other Helpful Tips

When trick or treating if your child is offered a candy that they shouldn’t eat then have them ask the person handing the candy out if there is an alternative. When selecting candy from a bowl, tell your child to keep their braces in mind when deciding which ones to choose.

If trick or treating with a group of kids and some of them don’t have braces, you could have them get together at the end of the night and swap candies. You could also buy a bag of acceptable candy and after trick or treating have your child trade their inappropriate candy with you.

Cleaning Up at Night

Though you may be getting in late from a night of fun, be sure that your child brushes and flosses their teeth very well.  If any issues occur with their braces you can contact our Marietta orthodontist. We’re always here to help.

Posted on behalf of Dr. John Iaculli, East Cobb Orthodontics

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