Lingual Wire vs. Vivera Retainer


Retainer Marietta GAWhen you finish your orthodontic treatment in Marietta, Georgia and have the straight teeth you’ve always wanted, you’ll want to ensure that your smile stays that way.  To help prevent relapse, you’ll need to wear a retainer. Typically, there are two kinds of maintenance protocols that are used.  The first is a lingual wire, and the second is a Vivera retainer.

Lingual Wires

Also known as fixed or bonded retainers, a lingual wire is a thin piece of straight, or braided wire that spans across the width of the backside of your front teeth.  Your Marietta orthodontist will bond the wire to each of your teeth (or the ones on the ends of the wire) to hold it in place, in turn locking the teeth in place and keeping them from moving.

Advantages of A Lingual Wire

  • A fixed solution that if always with you
  • Durable
  • Not visible to others

Disadvantages of A Fixed Retainer

  • Attract plaque and tartar buildup
  • Hard to clean – require special tools

Vivera Retainers

Vivera® retainers are commonly used with Invisalign.  In fact, these retainers are clear, plastic trays that look just like the Invisalign aligners.

Vivera Retainer Advantages

  • Fit accurately since they’re made from a 3-D digital replica of your teeth
  • Easily removable
  • Oral hygiene is easy because you can take them out
  • Capable of realigning minor tooth movements that are up to .25mm, per tooth

Vivera Retainer Disadvantages

  • You have to remove them to eat
  • Before putting them back in your mouth you should brush your teeth
  • They don’t work with athletic mouthguards
  • Can be accidentally misplaced or warped

Which Retainer Is Right for You?

If you’re finished with your orthodontic treatment and want to find out about getting the best retainer, then call East Cobb Orthodontics in Marietta, GA today!

Posted on behalf of Dr. John Iaculli, East Cobb Orthodontics

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