How To Clean a Lingual Wire


Once you’ve completed your orthodontic treatment in Marietta, Georgia,  we will place a lingual wire across the back of your teeth to help ensure that they continue to stay in place and a relapse doesn’t occur.

Cleaning Your Lingual Wire

Cleaning your lingual wire is very important to ensure that your teeth stay healthy. To clean your “bonded retainer,” observe the following steps:

  • Thread a string of floss through a floss threader.
  • Push the tip of the threader through at the gum line of the first tooth that has your lingual wire attached.
  • From the backside of your tooth, pull the threader until the floss has come through.
  • Remove that threader and maneuver the flossing string around to clean the area.
  • Slide the string out completely and repeat the above steps with every tooth that’s is attached to your lingual wire.

Other Lingual Wire Cleaning Tips

In place of flossing string and a floss threader, you can use threader floss, which is a piece of precut flossing string with a stiff end that allows you to insert it at the gumline easier.

Some people even prefer to use a water flosser, which is a device that looks similar to an electric toothbrush.  The handle is attached to a small tank of water.  When you aim the nozzle between your teeth and push the trigger, a strong blast of water is expelled, which flushes away all the particles and bacteria between your teeth.

Where to Get a Lingual Wire in Marietta

If you ever have trouble with your lingual wire, it’s important to get it checked out at East Cobb Ortho in Marietta, GA. Don’t risk compromising the results of your new smile.  Give us a call right away.

Posted on behalf of Dr. John Iaculli, East Cobb Orthodontics

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