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Everyday Home Care Tips for Invisalign Marietta, GA

At East Cobb Orthodontics in Marietta, we want to ensure that you get the best results from your Invisalign treatment. To keep your aligners and smile in tip-top shape, here are some everyday home care tips that you should follow:

Remove Invisalign Whenever You Eat or Drink (Anything Other Than Water)

Eating or drinking anything other than water while wearing your Invisalign can damage the aligners and cause stains or discoloration. Not to mention trap food around your teeth. Make sure you take Invisalign out before you eat or drink anything and put them back in after you finish. However, it’s 100% OK to drink water while you’re wearing Invisalign.

Rinse or Brush After Meals

After you eat, it’s important to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water before you put your aligners back in. This will help remove any food particles. Brushing is best, but mid-day rinsing is helpful too.

Don’t Use Hot Water or Abrasive Products to Clean Invisalign

Hot water can warp your aligners, and abrasive products can cause scratches on the surface, causing stains and bacteria buildup. Make sure to only clean your Invisalign with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a mild soap or Invisalign cleaning solution.

Change Your Aligners as Directed

Finally, make sure you change your Invisalign aligners as directed by our team at East Cobb Orthodontics. This is essential to ensuring that your treatment stays on track and that you get the desired results in the timeline you expect.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to East Cobb Orthodontics in Marietta. We’re always happy to help!

Posted on behalf of Dr. John Iaculli, East Cobb Orthdontics

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My experience with braces was excellent. The staff at East Cobb Orthodontics are all professional and caring people. The facility is clean and bright. The time that was projected was accurate. I highly recommend East Cobb Orthodontics!

Irene B.

Everybody here is always nice and answers any questions I may have. They are very considerate when it comes to treatment because they know how uncomfortable it may be sometimes. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a beautiful smile.

Sophia B.

East Cobb Orthodontics is very modern in their way of approaching orthodontics. They also make sure that you know what they are doing and what they plan on doing in the future.

Frank H.

I would recommend East Cobb Orthodontics to everyone! The staff is incredibly nice and helpful, always greeting you with a smile. I have enjoyed my time at East Cobb Orthodontics, and I am especially thankful for the wonderful smile they have given me.

Alex E.

Dr I's office is so friendly and fun! My daughter and I got braces together. No matter how many extra visits we needed for poking wires, extra rubber bands or wax, the staff was always very understanding and accommodating. I would recommend Dr I's orthodontics to anyone who wants a beautiful smile and lots of fun along the way!

Laura L.

My experience at East Cobb Orthodontics was a very positive one. Not only was every one of the employees nice and welcoming but they all remember your name and make you feel like you are apart of their family. I would highly recommend them because the service is great and my teeth have never looked better.

Isabella S.

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