Braces Don’t Seem to Be Working? Here’s Why


You knew that it would take time for braces to straighten your teeth. But you didn’t think it would take THIS long! Why does it seem like your braces aren’t doing anything?

A Marietta orthodontist explains several possible reasons your braces don’t seem to be working.

You just can’t see the progress being made.

Every individual’s orthodontic needs are unique. Your braces treatment plan may have focused on aspects you can’t see such as straightening back teeth or pulling teeth down or up into even alignment.

Also, keep in mind that moving teeth is a very slow process. So slow, in fact, that you’ll find it hard to notice changes on a daily basis. You’ll be much more impressed when you compare the before and after pictures once the braces come off.

You’ve been slacking off on your home care.

Brushing and flossing are even more important when you have braces. Falling behind can lead to tooth decay and gum swelling, which slow down your orthodontic treatment.

Plus, if you’re not adjusting an expander or wearing your rubber bands, your teeth aren’t going to move on time.

Your teeth just don’t move as fast as expected.

Everyone’s teeth move at different rates and it’s impossible to guess how quickly yours will shift with braces. It could simply be that you need more than the average amount of time in braces.

You’ve missed a couple of orthodontic appointments.

Keeping your ortho checkups is very important! They’re often very brief and sometimes it seems like the orthodontist doesn’t even do anything, so you might be tempted to skip. But each appointment is crucial to keeping your tooth movement on schedule.

Check in regularly with an East Cobb Orthodontics specialist to find out how well your braces are working for you.

Posted on behalf of Dr. John Iaculli, East Cobb Orthodontics

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