What Is Phase 1 Orthodontics?


Teen ProcedureTypically, we start your child with their orthodontic treatment once all of their permanent teeth have come in, which is usually around the age of 13.

However, it’s a great idea to have your child come in for a consultation sooner, like around the age of seven.  There are some instances in which we can spot potential issues in your child’s growing and developing mouth.  If arches are too narrow, for example, or if the jaw isn’t properly aligned, we can often intervene with Phase 1 orthodontics.

By taking earlier action, we can take advantage of your child’s growing mouth to easily manipulate its development and get issues corrected in a more efficient manner.  If ignored, these problems can often times still be fixed later in age, but doing so will likely be more tedious and take longer to correct (meaning more time in braces.) (more…)

Stage One Orthodontics and Your Child


As a child grows past infancy and toddlerhood, the jaw should begin to expand to allow the permanent teeth to grow in. But sometimes, the teeth begin to come in crowded or the jaw simply does not open up in the correct amount of time.

Your dentist may recommend stage one or “interceptive” orthodontics. If you decide on the treatment, here are some things you can expect:

They’re Not Full Braces

Full braces are only indicated for mouths that have all the permanent teeth. Early orthodontic treatment is usually for children between 6-8 years old, who still have some baby teeth. Brackets will not be stable on teeth that are about to be pushed out!

4 Signs Your Child May Need Braces


Marietta GA Braces for TeenagersCrooked teeth can lead to health and self-esteem issues. The best time to correct tooth alignment is while your kids are young.

If you notice any of these issues in your child’s mouth, it’s time for a checkup.

Baby Teeth Not Coming Out on Schedule

Every child has a unique schedule for losing baby teeth. Still, be on the alert for a stubborn baby tooth that hangs in there while all its neighbors have moved on. On the other hand, a baby tooth knocked out prematurely in an accident can also cause trouble.


Get Your Braces Done Right – The First Time!

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logo-headerMore and more general dentistry offices are providing orthodontic treatment options to their patients. The convenience is a huge incentive to seek treatment close to home!

Here at East Cobb Orthodontics, we might be just a little biased…

But office pride aside, why should you consider getting your teeth straightened in an office dedicated solely to orthodontic treatment?

Does it Matter Where You Get Your Braces?

Let’s take a minute to think about what it means for a general dentist to offer braces.

Your Child’s First Orthodontic Evaluation

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Marietta GA Pediatric OrthodontistsAt East Cobb Orthodontics, we recommend that your child have his or her first evaluation around the age of 7. This is because your child should have a nice mix of adult and baby teeth at this time. This transitional stage provides the basis for our doctor to determine whether or not there could be problems with teeth alignment down the road. At your son or daughter’s first appointment, what can you expect?

Getting to Know Each Other

When you arrive, you and your child will be greeted by our staff and shown around the office in preparation for the exam. Next, we will need some more information about your child’s bite, so we will take any x-rays and pictures for documentation and diagnosis. The orthodontist will perform a detailed exam on your child. This does not take very long, and includes reviewing medical and dental histories and assessing your child’s orthodontic condition.

What Happens Next?

From the findings on x-rays and in the mouth, the doctor will be able to let you know whether it is advisable to start orthodontic treatment at that time, or to wait a bit. You will learn what treatment is recommended to correct any problems found, how long it should take, and you will be given an estimate on what the cost of the treatment will be.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and there will be plenty of time for you and your child to express any concerns either of you have. Now that you are prepared for your son or daughter’s first orthodontic evaluation, we look forward to seeing you in our office at East Cobb Orthodontics!

Post on behalf of Dr. John Iaculli, East Cobb Orthodontics
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