Keeping Your Braces Clean (While You’re at School)


Is your student about to head back to school? In braces? Here are some important tips to help them minimize bad breath, food stuck between brackets, and keep their smile healthy while they’re away from home.

Pack an Oral Care Kit

With more kids in braces, it’s not as “weird” to brush your teeth at school anymore. Pack a small zip-up bag with a travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and proxy-brush. Make it a point to go to the restroom ASAP after lunch to clean away food debris around your braces. If you get desperate, you can brush with a dry toothbrush and proxy-brush at your locker. Just bring them home each day to rinse them clean.


School, Scheduling, and Braces


Your child got braces this summer, shortly after the school year ended. It’s been an easy transition for her, since the schedule is more relaxed, but as back to school looms closer you wonder how the frequent appointments will work with her school and extracurricular schedule.

Here are three tips to stay on schedule:

    • Plan your checkup in advance! Every five to ten weeks, your child will be scheduled for a checkup to make sure the braces fit well and are doing their job.  While we can’t schedule all the appointments for after school hours, we try to make sure a minimal amount of school time is lost.


Keeping Your Smile Healthy While You Wear Braces

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Marietta GA OrthodontistsWhen wearing orthodontic braces, you need to make a real effort to keep your teeth and gums healthy. It takes extra care to clean around the wires and brackets of the braces.

What are some tips on keeping your teeth and gums healthy with braces?

  • Watch your diet – Avoid sugary drinks and foods that can get stuck between your teeth and underneath the wires. These sugary foods and drinks are harmful because the sugars combine with germs in your mouth and if left alone, can irritate your gums and cause cavities.
  • Get regular dental checkups and cleanings – You should go regularly to your dentist for exams and to get professional teeth cleanings to help make sure you can prevent, find and treat cavities or gum disease before the problems get worse. You should also get fluoride treatments at your dental visits on a regular basis to help strengthen your teeth, especially around the brackets and bands of your braces.
  • Keep your teeth clean at home – Use a soft toothbrush (even better with an electric toothbrush) and dental floss with floss threaders to help floss around and underneath your braces daily. This will help to fight cavities between your teeth and on the surfaces around the brackets.
  • Don’t forget about your gums – Flossing not only prevents cavities between your teeth but it helps to fight gum disease by helping to remove germs that cause gum disease, especially with braces.

Are you considering braces? Are you concerned about keeping your teeth and gums healthy while wearing braces? Call us at East Cobb Orthodontics to schedule a consultation! We are here for you to answer your questions and concerns.

Post on behalf of Dr. John Iaculli, East Cobb Orthodontics
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