Incorporating Orthodontics into Your Perio Treatment


Woman Pointing at Her New Braces Marietta GA

If you’re someone who has experienced symptoms of gum disease (aka periodontitis or periodontal disease) you may have other things on your mind than orthodontics. But truth be told, incorporating braces or clear aligners into your periodontal treatment plan could help you regain control over your oral health and reduce the severity of your infection. 

Here’s why:

Straighter Teeth are Easier to Clean


Invisalign Works for Teens Too!


Teenage Patient at East Cobb Orthodontics in Marietta GAYour daughter had stage one orthodontics to expand her jaw and make room for the permanent teeth. She didn’t like it; you had trouble with regular brushing during the course of treatment. She complained that brushing hurt and the issue brought more parenting struggles and arguments than you anticipated.

Eventually, though, the treatment ran its course, her baby teeth fell out, and all her permanent teeth came in with enough room. The last time you took her for her cleaning, the dentist delivered the news: it’s time for a final set of braces to fine tune her bite and alignment. (more…)

Metal-Free Braces Options

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Marietta GA Orthodontist OfficeYou’re here right now because you want straighter teeth. Plus, you want them without it being obvious to others that you’re having orthodontic treatment.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for adults and teens to correct their smiles. Some of these even allow you to do so discreetly.

Check out a couple of the most popular procedures that we offer here at East Cobb Orthodontics:

Ceramic Braces

Your teeth can still respond very well to the help of classic braces with a modern twist. By making the brackets out of ceramic and using a clear or tooth-colored wire, you’ll get all the benefits of braces without the “metal mouth” look. (more…)