Three Steps To A Brighter Smile For The Holidays


Marietta GA Orthodontist in East Cobb CountyWhen you or your teen have braces, you might wonder how to make your smile shine for your holiday pictures.  The obvious answer is to brush and floss regularly, but there are other ways to help get your grin Instagram ready:

  • Moisturize! Not your teeth, your lips. From the sticky film stage to the completely dried out and chapped status, dry lips are no fun. Add braces into the mix, and they may get caught, crack, and bleed more frequently. There are two ways to help this problem. First, drink more water. Not coffee, juice, or soda which can stain and contribute to plaque build up, but water which hydrates your skin cells, including your lips! Getting your daily water intake will help your skin glow and your lips plump. Secondly, use a moisturizing barrier like Chapstick or Vaseline with cocoa butter to prevent dry out and bracket snagging.