Are Braces Bad for Your Teeth?

G+ Profile PicProponents of natural dentistry and advocates of holistic health often claim that orthodontic treatment is unnatural and even harmful.

Getting braces is ultimately a personal choice.

Before you rule them out as dangerous, however, you need to consider a couple of proven facts:

  1. Braces are not dangerous to teeth when they are correctly placed
  2. Orthodontic work could be essential to having a healthy smile


Top 4 Causes of TMJ Pain in Adults


Orthodontist in Marietta GAWho says braces are just for kids?

Marietta’s top orthodontic treatment providers welcome patients of all ages. At East Cobb Orthodontics, our goal is to help you love both the look and feel of your smile.
For many adults, TMJ pain is enough to prevent them from smiling. What’s behind this discomfort? TMJ disorder is difficult to pin on a specific cause, but there are a few common contributing factors.