Problems Associated with Crooked Teeth

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Orthodontists in Marietta GAWho doesn’t love a gorgeous, straight smile? But beautiful teeth aren’t the only reason why you owe it to yourself to look into braces. It could be that your crooked or crowded teeth are causing other types of dental problems to develop.

Here are just a few conditions that people with crooked teeth are more at-risk for:

Cavities and Gum Disease
It can be hard to keep teeth clean, especially when they are crowded together. In case you didn’t already guess – crowded teeth are more likely to have problems like cavities or gum disease. This makes them more expensive to care for over time, and means more trips to the dental office.

Broken Fillings and Other Dental Restorations
When you bite your teeth together, they endure heavy chewing and grinding forces. If the tooth alignment is irregular, your teeth will even start to wear down. Unfortunately, restorations like fillings or crowns don’t. They just chip or break off, leaving a damaged tooth behind.

Fractured Teeth
If one or two teeth jet out more than others, they are more likely to get bumped during an accident. If you trip, run into something accidentally, or are injured in a sporting activity – those teeth are usually the ones to get broken.

Jaw Disorders
Abnormal function of the jaws is common when the teeth don’t fit together the right way. Compromised movements left to right can wear on the TMJ, creating pain, popping or clicking within the joint.

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