5 Questions to Discuss with the Orthodontist Before You Start Treatment


Whether orthodontic treatment in Marietta, GA is on the horizon for you or your child, you probably have a ton of questions. If you can’t think of any major concerns right now, then here are a few areas you should start giving some thought to.

  1. What are the treatment options or alternatives?

Classic metal braces aren’t right for everyone. If you’re interested in a more convenient or less-visible option, ask whether such an alternative will still work for your smile. (more…)

DIY Braces – Don’t do It!


Marietta GA OrthodonticsYouTube has many popular pages committed to teaching you how to straighten your own teeth. At home. There certainly seems to be an increase these days in the number of people seeking a DIY fix for crooked teeth.

Is this just a harmless trend? Or could it actually damage your smile for good? Dr. Capps and Dr. Iaculli warn that performing your own orthodontic treatment is one of the worst things you could do to your teeth.

If you’re into making soaps, designing clothing, or any other DIY project, that’s great. Just stay away from your smile! (more…)

Best Oral Hygiene Tools for Orthodontic Patients


Marietta GA OrthodontistsOne of the most important things we tell our Marietta orthodontic patients, is that it’s essential to keep your teeth clean each day. Cleaning around your brackets will prevent unwanted cavities and unsightly “white circles” on your teeth after your braces are removed.

With so many areas to clean around, you might want to try some of these oral hygiene aids to make the process easier: (more…)

Is Orthodontic Treatment a Financially-Smart Move?


Marietta GA OrthodontistsMost people think that getting braces is an unnecessary luxury. If you don’t have dental benefits to pay for orthodontic treatment, should you still consider making the investment?

Here at East Cobb Orthodontics, we might sound a little partial in saying “yes”.

But the reality is that getting braces now can actually save you hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars down the road.

How? (more…)

Best Time for the First Braces Consultation


Marietta GA OrthodontistNever had an orthodontic evaluation before? Maybe you’re doing some research on behalf of your kids because you want to know when they should see an orthodontist in Marietta.

Braces are highly beneficial for teeth since straightening them out can:

  • Reduce staining
  • Lower risk for gum disease and cavities
  • Improve your bite
  • Boost self confidence


4 Surprising Health Benefits of Getting Braces


Marietta GA Orthodontic TreatmentAre braces right for you? They could have an impact not only on your smile’s looks, but also on your oral health.

  1. Enjoy A Whiter, Fresher Smile

Straight teeth look nice in themselves. But as an added perk, they’re easier to keep clean from the bacteria that cause bad breath and stain. Whitening methods will be a lot more effective on straight teeth than on overlapping ones.

Remember all those pieces of chicken and broccoli that get stuck between crowded teeth? Eliminate that social faux pas for good with the help of orthodontic treatment! (more…)

Metal-Free Braces Options

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Marietta GA Orthodontist OfficeYou’re here right now because you want straighter teeth. Plus, you want them without it being obvious to others that you’re having orthodontic treatment.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for adults and teens to correct their smiles. Some of these even allow you to do so discreetly.

Check out a couple of the most popular procedures that we offer here at East Cobb Orthodontics:

Ceramic Braces

Your teeth can still respond very well to the help of classic braces with a modern twist. By making the brackets out of ceramic and using a clear or tooth-colored wire, you’ll get all the benefits of braces without the “metal mouth” look. (more…)

Braces and Cavities: What You Should Know


Marietta GA Orthodontic TreatmentBraces aren’t just about getting a prettier smile. If you are currently having orthodontic treatment, you need to remember a couple of important facts about cavities.

Fact #1: Braces Can Increase Your Cavity Risk

It’s a lot harder to brush and floss when you’re wearing braces. There’s no getting around it – you’ll have to put forth extra effort to keep your teeth clean.

What if My Braces Break?

DrIaculli500Brackets and wires of braces can break for a variety of reasons.

It could be the result of biting down on a hard food item, an accident, rough brushing or flossing, or any other unexpected event.

Here’s what you can do if one of your brackets gets damaged.

5 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy in Braces


Pediatric Orthodontics in Marietta GAYou’ve probably heard a thousand times how important braces are to your dental health. But braces can still pose a special challenge to your oral environment while you’re wearing them.

Marietta orthodontists Dr. Capps and Dr. Iaculli recommend the following:

Brush Often
You need to forget about the twice-a-day rule when it comes to brushing – braces require a little more work. Your brackets and wires are prone to collecting lots of bacteria, acids, and food debris, so you need to be diligent about cleaning off all that gunk after every meal.