A Clean Mouth is a Healthy Mouth


Marietta GA Orthodontic Treatments for TeensWhen you got your braces on, our Marietta orthodontist explained the proper care of your new smile and all the ways to clean around the appliances in your mouth.

You probably know that gum disease is one of the greatest threats to braces wearers and that you should be brushing after eating anything. You might even have a toothbrush and toothpaste in your handbag, backpack, or tote.  But cleaning up after eating is only one way to keep your mouth clean with braces on.

Have you thought about which foods might be extra harmful to your teeth while you’re wearing braces? (more…)

Three Steps To A Brighter Smile For The Holidays


Marietta GA Orthodontist in East Cobb CountyWhen you or your teen have braces, you might wonder how to make your smile shine for your holiday pictures.  The obvious answer is to brush and floss regularly, but there are other ways to help get your grin Instagram ready:

  • Moisturize! Not your teeth, your lips. From the sticky film stage to the completely dried out and chapped status, dry lips are no fun. Add braces into the mix, and they may get caught, crack, and bleed more frequently. There are two ways to help this problem. First, drink more water. Not coffee, juice, or soda which can stain and contribute to plaque build up, but water which hydrates your skin cells, including your lips! Getting your daily water intake will help your skin glow and your lips plump. Secondly, use a moisturizing barrier like Chapstick or Vaseline with cocoa butter to prevent dry out and bracket snagging.


Are Crooked Teeth Really a Big Deal?


Marietta GA OrthodontistNo one wants to have an ugly smile. But how big of a difference do a few crooked teeth make?

If you’re not bothered by them, why be bothered to get braces?

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to tooth alignment. Here’s how crooked teeth can affect your oral health…

Your teeth can wear down faster. (more…)

4 Signs Your Child May Need Braces


Marietta GA Braces for TeenagersCrooked teeth can lead to health and self-esteem issues. The best time to correct tooth alignment is while your kids are young.

If you notice any of these issues in your child’s mouth, it’s time for a checkup.

Baby Teeth Not Coming Out on Schedule

Every child has a unique schedule for losing baby teeth. Still, be on the alert for a stubborn baby tooth that hangs in there while all its neighbors have moved on. On the other hand, a baby tooth knocked out prematurely in an accident can also cause trouble.


How to Get Rid of Braces Pain in One Day


Marietta GA OrthodontistsWhether it’s your first time getting orthodontic treatment or you’re having an adjustment, it’s a good idea to “brace” yourself for any discomfort.

Some patients have no issue with getting braces. But that may not be true for you.

Get rid of pain and keep your smile moving smoothly with these tips for Marietta braces patients.

Can I Just Get a Retainer to Fix My Teeth?


Marietta GA OrthodontistsOrthodontic retainers do a good job at retaining teeth. “Retain” means to hold something back. A retainer is designed to hold teeth in the new position that braces have put them in, so that they don’t slip back into the old one.

Retainers are primarily intended for after braces, not in place of braces themselves.

You’re likely interested in an orthodontic solution that doesn’t involve having metal brackets and wires cemented to your teeth. You want something that’s comfortable, convenient, and more discreet.

Check out these potential braces alternatives Marietta adults have to choose from. (more…)

5 Questions to Discuss with the Orthodontist Before You Start Treatment


Whether orthodontic treatment in Marietta, GA is on the horizon for you or your child, you probably have a ton of questions. If you can’t think of any major concerns right now, then here are a few areas you should start giving some thought to.

  1. What are the treatment options or alternatives?

Classic metal braces aren’t right for everyone. If you’re interested in a more convenient or less-visible option, ask whether such an alternative will still work for your smile. (more…)

DIY Braces – Don’t do It!


Marietta GA OrthodonticsYouTube has many popular pages committed to teaching you how to straighten your own teeth. At home. There certainly seems to be an increase these days in the number of people seeking a DIY fix for crooked teeth.

Is this just a harmless trend? Or could it actually damage your smile for good? Dr. Capps and Dr. Iaculli warn that performing your own orthodontic treatment is one of the worst things you could do to your teeth.

If you’re into making soaps, designing clothing, or any other DIY project, that’s great. Just stay away from your smile! (more…)

Best Oral Hygiene Tools for Orthodontic Patients


Marietta GA OrthodontistsOne of the most important things we tell our Marietta orthodontic patients, is that it’s essential to keep your teeth clean each day. Cleaning around your brackets will prevent unwanted cavities and unsightly “white circles” on your teeth after your braces are removed.

With so many areas to clean around, you might want to try some of these oral hygiene aids to make the process easier: (more…)

Is Orthodontic Treatment a Financially-Smart Move?


Marietta GA OrthodontistsMost people think that getting braces is an unnecessary luxury. If you don’t have dental benefits to pay for orthodontic treatment, should you still consider making the investment?

Here at East Cobb Orthodontics, we might sound a little partial in saying “yes”.

But the reality is that getting braces now can actually save you hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars down the road.

How? (more…)